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Machining of CNC Polymer Parts 

With rapid advancements in plastic technology, today’s industrial-grade plastics offer a staggering degree of versatility. With the considerable capabilities of our 20,000-square-foot CNC machine shop, Triple J is able to manufacture complex parts with high precision out of nearly any industrial-grade polymer. 

Plastics to Meet Your Needs and Specifications

Plastics have been specially developed to meet the disparate needs of numerous industries. Triple J can manufacture the parts you need using a polymer with the properties required. Some of the many plastics we work with regularly include:

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is a widely used and highly versatile synthetic polymer valued for its resistance to chemicals and moisture. With its thermal stability, and flame-retardant qualities, PVC makes an effective conduit for electrical wiring. PVC can be recycled roughly seven times and has a lifespan of around 140 years.

With its strength and stiffness, coupled with resistance to heat and chemicals, nylon is among the most common industrial plastics in use today. Strong, stable, and available at relatively low cost, nylon finds its way into a vast array of products in nearly every sector of manufactured goods.

This acetal homopolymer resin from DuPont is said to “bridge the gap between plastics and metals.” Made from polymerized formaldehyde, this versatile material is valued for its low friction and high-tensile strength. It holds up against moisture, abrasion, and heat while maintaining excellent dimensional stability.

Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight polyethylene, the world’s toughest polymer, features high-abrasion resistance and impact strength. UHMW is a general polymer that can be used to great effect in a number of scenarios. Some of the more common uses for UHMW include skids, gears, bushings, and more.

Ultem (polyetherimide) is a semi-transparent, highly temperature-resistant plastic known for its strength, its stiffness, and its resistance to heat, moisture, and steam. Ultem is among the most highly dielectric thermoplastics available, making it an ideal choice for automotive parts or for any industrial application where strength and rigidity are required in high-service temperatures. 

PEEK (Polyetheretherketone) is a high-strength, high-performance plastic reinforced with carbon or glass fibers for added strength and stability. Its outstanding mechanical strength and dimensional stability, combined with low weight and high resistance to extreme conditions such as heat, chemicals, seawater, and steam, make PEEK ideal for many of the most challenging operational conditions.

Virgin PEEK
Virgin (unreinforced) PEEK can operate at even higher temperatures than filled PEEK and is FDA compliant, so it can be used in food preparation and for certain medical applications. Virgin PEEK is tougher, with higher elongation than any other PEEK product.

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