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CNC Machined Parts for Aerospace & Defense

Within the vast world of manufacturing, nowhere will you find more stringent regulations or more exacting specifications than in the Aerospace and Defense industries. The demand for high performance with minimal weight under extreme operating conditions drives manufacturers to bring their A-game to the table. 

From fighter planes to commercial jets to rockets and missiles, Triple J has the equipment and capability to machine high-precision CNC parts that meet or exceed the requirements of the most demanding of industries. Our certifications attest to our standards, and our work itself is proof of our ability to manufacture complex components for use in the most extreme conditions.

Quality Assured. Quality Delivered.

Keeping up with the ever-evolving regulatory requirements set forth by the Department of Defense (DOD), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) means constantly updating and upgrading our hardware, software, and expertise. Making sure our 20,000-square-foot machine shop is up-to-date and running at optimal capacity ensures that we can get our clients the parts they need in a timely manner, at a competitive price.

Special Considerations for Aerospace & Defense Applications

Aircraft and spacecraft are subjected to enormous changes in pressure and temperature extremes, even under ordinary operating conditions. Components in these vehicles must be exceptionally strong and durable, while contributing as little as possible to the overall weight of the assemblage. This leads to titanium and aluminum alloys, and, increasingly, a range of advanced polymers. Together, the range of raw materials that are viable for use in the manufacture of aerospace components is essentially a list of the most challenging substances in existence, from the machinist’s point of view. 

Making things even more challenging, aerospace components often require tolerances as close as 0.002. Even a slight deviation from the specified dimensions or tolerances can result in catastrophic failure down the road. Achieving this level of precision with such challenging materials requires a degree of skill and expertise you won’t find just anywhere. But you will find it at Triple J.

Ready to Do Our Part 

There are countless parts comprising a modern jet, rocket, or missile, and every single one of them has to be perfect. CNC machining makes it possible. From turbine blades to hydraulic manifolds, landing gear, transmission elements, and more, plus interior elements fabricated from high-performance polymers–Triple J can do it all to spec, on time and on budget.

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