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Wellhead Equipment You Can Count On

While the vast majority of what constitutes an oil or gas well lies below ground or under the seabed, it is the relatively minuscule portion above the surface, the wellhead, that is most vital to the success of the operation. The wellhead is a complex and intricate assembly that combines all the controls, valves, indicators, ports, and gauges used to monitor and manage what comes out of the well as well as what goes in.

There are a variety of factors that influence a wellhead’s construction and configuration. Pressure and temperature extremes, plus the depth and size of the well, among other things, all affect the wellhead design. Triple J has been manufacturing wellhead components for decades, providing the quality, performance, and reliability the industry demands all over the world.

Triple J manufactures wellhead equipment for our wellhead customers, for use in drilling and well completion, including casing heads, spools, tubing spools, casing and tubing mandrel hangers, seals, bushings, tubing head adapters, crosses, and tees. We do not solicit wellhead equipment business or supply field services to the end user. Our wellhead clients include Vault, Cameron, Streamflo, SPM, and many others.

An effective wellhead assembly is crucial to the productivity and longevity of any well. Every component must be manufactured with extreme quality control and close tolerances. Triple J designs and manufactures wellhead components of varying diameters and pressure capacities and can custom fabricate any assembly to exact specifications.

We also offer a full range of tools and accessories to complete your custom wellhead assembly,  including seals, hangers, bushings, and spools, as well as complete custom Christmas tree configurations.

Sealed against leakage, resistant to corrosion, and built to last, Triple J wellhead equipment can be counted on for safe, productive operation at every stage of oil and gas exploration and extraction, from initial drilling to production, intrusions, interventions, and more. Triple J is among the most trusted and respected names in the oil and gas manufacturing industry.

At Triple J, quality is our driving force. It has been for over forty years, and so it remains today.

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