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Turnkey Machining Solutions

The manufacturing of an industrial part doesn’t always begin or end in the machine shop. Before the first machine is powered on, the part must be designed and engineered, production must be planned, and raw materials need to be sourced and procured. Likewise, parts don’t always leave the shop in finished form. They may require a specific coating or other treatment by a specialty contractor.   

The careful coordination of these pre- and post-machining functions can be complicated and time-consuming, but it is critical to the success of the part. Many Triple J customers prefer to let us handle the entire process for them through our Turnkey Services. 

Turnkey Service Means Everything

As your turnkey machining specialist, Triple J can take care of everything, including design and engineering, production planning, raw materials procurement, CNC manufacturing, quality control, arranging and managing third-party contractors for specialty processes, final quality assessment, packing and shipping.

The Tools & Expertise to Get It Done Right 

In our 20,000-square-foot machine shop, an extensive array of leading-edge CNC machinery is enhanced by our 20-ton crane capacity. Our highly skilled engineers and technicians operate 17 CNC machines, including 12 lathes and 5 CNC mills for diameters of up to 60 inches.

With 3-, 4-, and 5-axis machining centers, we capably manufacture complex parts at extremely close tolerances in a wide range of metals, special alloys, and polymers. As for operations outside our in-house capabilities, Triple J maintains reciprocal partnerships with leading regional shops specializing in every related discipline.

All of those assets added together give you access to turnkey machining solutions for nearly any industrial need, with just one phone call.

The Triple J Turnkey Machining Process  



  1. We receive a quote request
  2. Our design and engineering team reviews the specs
  3. We price the raw materials at current rates
  4. Engineering estimates machining time and resources
  5. A detailed quote is generated and submitted to the client
  6. Order in hand, we reconfirm timeline and pricing
  7. We place the order for raw materials and begin to build the router 
  8. Quality assurance inspects raw materials upon receipt, rejecting any not up to spec 
  9. On-site custom machine arranged and overseen by Triple J
  10. Quality assurance checks critical dimensions and tolerances
  11. Parts are stamped
  12. Parts needing special treatments, coatings, or other processes are sent out to partner shops
  13. All parts in house for final inspection and assembly
  14. Finished components packed and shipped
  15. Invoice generated

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