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All Your Coiled Tubing Accessories, Hangers, and Tools

Known for high quality, competitive pricing, and on-time delivery, Triple J is an industry leader in the engineering, manufacturing, and sale of coiled tubing hangers, tools, and accessories for use in oil and gas extraction, both on land and offshore.

Developed in the 1950s specifically for well intervention operations, coiled tubing has since proven to be quite versatile. Today, coiled tubing plays an indispensable role in numerous processes throughout the life of a well. Triple J manufactures superior quality coiled tubing accessories that make many drilling, completion, or remediation operations faster and safer to perform, often resulting in significant cost savings over other methods.

Coiled Tubing Hangers

TripleSet hangers, dual hangers, flow-thru mandrel hangers, and standard slip-type hangers are just some of the hanger styles we can engineer and fabricate at Triple J. Just provide the relevant specifications and/or parameters of your production challenge and let our team come back with a custom coiled-tubing configuration optimized to your objectives.

  • Triple-Set Coiled Tubing Hanger for 1-1/4″ – 2-7/8″
  • Dual Hanger 1-1/4″ – 1-1/2″ Coiled Tubing
  • Flow-Thru Mandrel Hanger 1-1/4″ – 2-7/8″ Coiled Tubing
  • Standard Slip Type Hanger 1-1/4″ – 2-7/8″ Coiled Tubing

Coiled Tubing Tools

The incredible versatility of coiled tubing has given rise to countless tools that make the most of this technology, putting it to work in just about every aspect of oil and gas extraction.

  • Slimline Slip Connector
  • Internal Slip Connector
  • Single & Double Ball Check Valve.
  • Pump Off Landing Nipple
  • Mechanical Shear Disconnect
  • Motorhead Assembly
  • Non-rotating Knuckle Joint
  • Bow Spring Centralizer
  • Multi-jet Wash Tool
  • ​Overshot Sealing Coiled Tubing Fishing Tool
  • Dimple Connector
  • Dual Flapper Check Valve
  • Pump Off Check Valve
  • Circulating Valve with or without Burst Disc
  • Hydraulic Disconnect Dog Type/Collet Type
  • Knuckle Joint
  • Swivel Joint
  • Fluted Centralizer/Floating Fluted Centralizer
  • Jetting Nozzles
  • Under-reamer

Coiled Tubing Accessory Parts

Triple J offers a variety of 1502 accessory parts in 2 or 3 inches. Using the right parts ensures that you derive the maximum benefit from your coiled tubing operations.

  • 1502 Hammer Union
  • Weld-on Threaded Half
  • Retainer Lock Ring
  • Weld-on Wing Nut Half
  • Retainer Segments
  • Seals (including options with brass insert)

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