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Capillary Tubing Hangers, Accessories & Tools

Capillary tubing systems are essential for the management of oil and gas wells. Triple J makes the tools and accessories needed to maximize the efficacy of your capillary tubing string and keep your wells at maximum productivity while minimizing downtime. 

Whether your capillary tubing string is internal or external, suspended from a hanger or clamped to the outer wall of the production tubing, your string can be installed without the need of a workover. Once in place, the string can be used to intervene when well production declines or stops altogether.

With the capability of reaching any point in the entire depth of the well, the capillary string provides access to the production tube without hindering the operation of the master valve. Through the capillary tubing, chemical agents can be introduced into precisely where they are needed to restore flow that has been constricted due to the build-up of salt, paraffin, or other elements.

Capillary Tubing Capabilities 

  • Well intervention
  • Internally installed
  • Externally installed
  • Downhole injection valves
  • Transmit bottom hole gauge data
  • Hydraulic control of safety valves 
  • Hydraulic control of sliding sleeves

Advantages of Capillary Injection

  • Reduces well interventions
  • Minimal Shutdown
  • Precise placement of chemicals 
  • Minimal downtime
  • Easy, fast installation
  • Adjust chemical mix at any time

Capillary Hangers

Capillary hangers typically overhang the wellhead and hold the capillary tubing that hangs down into the well, suspended at a prescribed depth. The hangers both suspend the string and seal it in the wellhead. Triple J manufactures capillary hangers for conventional and custom setups with mechanical slip hanger systems and hydraulic packoffs. 

  • Thread Protector Double Packoff
  • High-Pressure Capillary Hanger
  • Insert Style Capillary Hanger
  • Mandrel Style Hanger for Capillary Strings
  • Y Block for Capillary Installation
  • Top Cup Single Packoff
  • LP Capillary Hanger
  • Capillary Hanger with Long Thread Protector & String

Capillary BOP/Adapters

Particular attention must be paid to the integration of the capillary hanger with the blowout preventer. Triple J engineers offer many solutions for this important juncture, allowing the capillary string to enter the production tubing through the wellhead without disruption of the blowout preventer. 

  • Capillary Hanger Flanged Bottom with BOP Adapter Top
  • BOP Window Assembly
  • Emergency Shear Rams
  • Snubbing Hanger
  • BOP Adapter & Clamp for Hanger

Capillary Tools

  • Mechanical Disconnect 
  • Rotating Jet Tool 
  • High Flow Single/Double Ball Check Valve 
  • 1” OD Chemical Injection Valve (CIV) with adjustable Back Pressure 5] Gas Lift mandrel Bypass Tool 
  • Double Flapper Check Valve 
  • Capillary Tubing Punch for relief of Pressure 
  • Weighted Bottom Hole Assembly with Cable 
  • Chemical Injection Mandrels 
  • Slip Connectors 
  • Shepard Hooks 
  • Slip-lifting tool 
  • Re-entry Guides for Check Valves 
  • Blast Joints 
  • Roll-ons

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