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With the advent of modern CNC machining, the potential for what could be achieved through manufacturing expanded beyond limits. The precision that can be achieved vastly increases the safety of industrial production.

From our exceptionally equipped machine shop in Houston, Texas, Triple J has earned a solid reputation as a trusted source of quality industrial machined parts for forty years. Let us discover how we can put our manufacturing expertise to work for you.


CNC Machining

Our state-of-the-art machining facility holds 17 CNC machines, including 12 CNC lathes that can produce products from 1/2″ to 35″ diameter and 5 CNC mills that can produce products from 1/2″ to 60″ diameter.

Design & Engineering

Count on Triple J’s exceptional Design and Engineering team to devise the most effective and economical approach to any project, using powerful software and 3D imaging and prototyping.

Coil Tubing Accessories

Triple J is a trusted name in the energy sector, where our superior-quality coil tubing hangers and related products are widely used in the extraction of oil and natural gas.

Capillary Tubing Accessories

The oil and gas extraction industry relies on Triple J for quality capillary tubing hanger systems, and other components essential to the safe, efficient operation of oil and gas wells.

Wellhead Equipment

Every oil or gas well is capped by a wellhead. For decades, Triple J wellheads have been essential to the safe extraction of valuable natural resources in thousands of operations, worldwide.

Turnkey Manufacturing

After 40 years in the business, Triple J knows how to get things done efficiently and economically. We can help you take your project from concept and design through manufacturing, testing, and delivery.

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